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Dan leaning on a board at the bottom of a set of stairs
Dan leaning on a board at the bottom of a set of stairs
Dan leaning on a board at the bottom of a set of stairs

Recognizing the need for a global representation of DH skateboarding that included daily blog posts, often featuring short videos from Dan's content (shout out to Michael Brooke for introducing us!), along with professional perspectives, Dan and Tim Cutting co-founded an online magazine. Our brand quickly gained recognition, largely due to the invaluable insights and cutting-edge business strategies provided by Tim, from whom I learned a great deal. It became a fantastic magazine, featuring some of the top contributors in DH skateboarding. Working with Tim was not only fulfilling but also taught me more than I could have anticipated. After deciding to leave shift work behind, I sold our cars, put our lives into 4 very big boxes and with everyone's support, moved to Japan. In 2013, we launched SKATE[SLATE] JAPAN. While I covered the rise of longboarding in Japan with an amazing team, Tim expanded the North American team by making Les Robertson the President. During this time, there were also discussions about launching SKATE[SLATE] EUROPE with ambassadors from the UK, France, and Germany.

Like all my projects aimed at getting more kids outdoors, I was fully committed to Skate[Slate]. I believe we published a total of 36 issues—Jon Huey or Les Robertson, can you help me out?